How to get to Bantayan Cottages

Bantayan Map

If you come from Cebu City you can take easily one of several busses with what you can get to Hagnaya. Hagnaya is the Port where you can get the ferry that brings you in around 60-90 minutes to the other side, Bantayan Island.
All in all it needs around 4-5 hours from Cebu City to the port of Bantayan Island.

If you take a vhire or a taxi you can get from Cebu City to Hagnaya already in around 2,5-3 hours without problem. Much more comfortable and faster.

When you arrive on Bantayan Island it is more than easy to get to Bantayan Cottages Resort, just ask a Trisikat. Everybody knows directly Bantayan Cottages and where he has to drive you.