Bantayan Island

Bantayan offers you a lot to discover, especially if you are willed to make some boat trips.

On Bantayan Island itself you cand find some of the most fine beaches in the philippines. Around 5 kilometer long pure white sand beach wants to be dicovered. Sourrounded by astonishing crystal clear blue water it is a dream for everybody just to stay and watch the waves moving, what needs sometimes a little bit, because here are times when the see looks more like a mirror than an ocean, not even the smallest wave would be to see over a very long distance.

The Island is mostly quiet and perfect for tourists who are searching for a place beautiful as Boracay, but much less crowded, thats what is Bantayan Island for. Even on the Market ob Bantayan, the main town on the island, it will be never really crowded.

Quiet nights, also at the beach are something really impressive. Whenever you will come to the beach and you cound the tourist, be sure that you might be one under some filipinos, fishermen who are carrying their boat in or out of the water, or collecting some sand worms

Holy Week on Bantayan Island

In you plan to stay on Bantayan Island for Holy Week, you should be prepared you a lot of crowded places, skyrocketing hotel prices and all in all a very interesting and impressive time.

There are a lot of things you should be prepared for. First of all, come as early as possible. In the time of holy week, the busses and ferries are crowded as hell. Busses and ferries are going nearly 24 hours a day and are mostly over full.
Getting here two or three days before will mean already that you have to take full vehicles, but at least the most will be not totally full. Much better it will be, if you take a Vhire or a Taxi in the City so you can get easily to Hagnaya.

From here you have to take the ferry, or one of the private boats who are offering also rides. Take a look at the boats, how do they look like and how full they are. Better be late, than having trouble on the sea and even the ferries you should check before entering. If you come early enough you shouldn't have a problem, but on holy week, it could happen that there are much to much passengers. Take the next one!

When you arrive on Bantayan Island, you can have a really great time here. Nearly everywhere are parties and celebrations. Especially around the Saint Peter & Paul's Church, here you will find most of the celebrations on Bantayan Island.

If you need to get money, you will have to use the only two ATM's what are available at Bantayan Town. Here you can get Money without Problems from your Visa and Mastercard.

Tips for a Bantayan Island Holy Week Tour

  • 1.) Book your Hotel early enough
  • 2.) Prepare enough money (Pesos) for your Trip
  • 3.) Take enough water for the trip.