Bantayan Cottages

The Bantayan Cottages Resort is located directly in the near of the Port of Bantayan Island and very easily reached by Trisikat. A nice and cosy place, famous for its beautiful and natural style, like nearly nowhere else to find in an other resort. The Cottages are made in the native style with cogon roof and are surrounded by a lot of plants, so that every cottage for itself is a little more private. The huge garden full of bushes, plants and flowers makes it really nice to just take a walk around and watch the lots of Orchids you can find here.
Due to all the Plants and Flowers here is nearly always a very comfortable smell, not to strong that it would be displeasing, but you will miss it after leaving Bantayan Cottages.

There is no better place if you like to stay for a longer time than Bantayan Cottages.